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You can freely browse our website, without providing us with any of your personal data. Though, if you buy something on our website, we need to be able to send you your order, therefore, we need a certain amount of your personal data. This includes Your first and last name, your address, phone number and email. We use this data to inform you about the status of your order and reach you for order delivery. After delivery is complete, we keep your data safe, and use it only if you contact us about your order. You can request us to delete all your personal data, but then we will not guarantee refund or replacement for your order. We also send you emails, informing you about your order status, and will not use your email for anything else but that, unless you obtain for our newsletter. We share your personal information with the delivery company in order to deliver you your order. We also use cookies on our website, for more information, read below. We also use your email address to respond to your query if you use our Contact form.


We control Your personal data ourselves and store it in our hosting facilities provided by Datahost.lt. Don’t worry, we try to keep our network as secure as possible and we would not disclose your personal information unless issued by government or legal entities. We promise not to sell your personal data by any means, and share it with third parties only if it is necessary to provide your the service that we promise (f.e. delivery company).


  • We use Google Analytics to anonymously collect data about our users. You can disable this by disabling cookies in your browser or using an incognito mode.
    We are not able to delete this data from Google Analytics on your request, since it is collected anonymously.
  • We use third party email service provider – "Roundcube". We also store your email address in their data base. If you subscribed to our mailing list and wish to unsubscribe, you can do that by clicking unsubscribe button in any of our news emails, or contacting us directly via info@onanikk.com.
  • We use hosting provider – Datahost.lt – in order to host our website, where we store your personal information.
  • We use Paypal and Paysera as our payment gateways – meaning they have access to your payment credentials. We only have access to your payment credentials that are provided for us by payment gateway system, that is the amount you payed and the the gateway you used. In some cases it might include your first and last name, your payment gateway id, or/and your bank account number.


To make this site work properly, we sometimes place small data files called cookies on your device. Most big websites do this too.


Cookies are responsible for two things – they store a small amount of data on your browser to remember information about you, that you provided on the website, such as your name, email, address and other. We do not have access to this small file and your information is secure as long as your computer or mobile device is.
The other purpose is to send us a small amount of information anonymously, meaning this information is unidentifiable. Such as the browser that you are using, the device, and the operating system. But it also collect information about your location (city), your age and your gender. We use this data to improve our website and make your experience visiting our website as pleasant as possible. If you find this to be inconvenient for you, disable cookies in your browser or use an incognito mode.