Inspired by Norwegian fjords, lithuanian spirit and love to the whole world, created by hands. 



The bracelets are made of the finest quality leather. Clasps and other metal details- stainless steel, which strength makes them very resistant, reliable and easy to use or zamak-an alloy made up of aluminium and zinc.The vintage and "used" style of these components gives your bracelet the casual, antique and valued touch that you were looking for! Beads are made of polymer clay. Each bead is created by my hands, so there are no two identical. This gives the bracelet unique look and charm. 




"Nobody can control their minds or decide for them. They are doing exactly that they want to do. Minds travel from place to place, from person to person. Travel with sadness and joy, opinions and plans.Sometimes they help you, but sometimes they make you worried. 

Nobody knows where the first thought came from and how it became infinite. 

Some thoughts are small, beautiful and pink, and it's almost impossible to understand what they really want. But others are so big and heavy that they just don't fit inside your head. Some come as a light snowflakes through the darkness of winter, while others invade like a storm, lifting trees and roofs. They do not need any invitation to visit, they just come and go when they want to go. Some thoughts come up only for a moment, as if they were inspired and don't even remember them. But others are so addictive that it's impossible to get rid of them. 

The fun thing is that the same thoughts can be in different places at the same time. After all, when the sun is setting, and the evening sky turns yellow and red - many think it's beautiful. And when the storm strikes and the thunder is roaring many feel afraid. And knowing, that there are more people in the world, who have the same thoughts as you, allows you not to feel alone.. "  


I have been living in my inner conversation with myself for eternity of my life, as far as I remember myself. I ask myself questions and seek for answers. I dream, listen and create. I observe and feel. I doubt everything and start over again. 

One day, to my own surprise, I felt as though I had to grant my internal monologues a shape and a volume.Since leather and everything made of it, is my weakness and my passion, I've decided to call them "leather monologues". 


With love 

Ona Nikk